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January 1, 2019
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More Accounting Plus Tax Services, now offers notary public services, to continue being your ally in the growth of your business and providing the services you need. These are some of the notary services we can provide:

–          Depositions.

–          Oaths and Acknowledgments.

–          Solemnizing Marriage.

–          Birth and Death Certificates.

–          Certifying the contents of a safe-deposit box.

–          Divorce – Dissolution of Marriage.

–          Consent Forms.

–          Wills & Living Wills.

–          Power of Attorney.

–          Attest to copies (Certify Copies)

–          Verifying the VIN number on a vehicle.

The notary public is not authorized to prepare documents or advise on legal matters. Source: National Notary Association.

Likewise, for more information we invite you to contact us or visit us at our offices located at 2700 Glades Cir, Weston, FL – 33327.